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Science Summer Camp 2016

Each year our programs change almost entirely.  We therefore suggest that if you see a program you like, that you sign up for it early as it may not be offered again for another 2-4 years or perhaps never again. 

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New Location Added for Late July and August - See below

Bacteria are Us
Human Biome.

Did you know that bacteria can affect the way we think, feel, and process our food? Scientists didn’t know this either until Biomerecently.  They named this field of study “the human biome” and now it’s all the rage in the scientific community!In this camp we will get to know our own personal biome by name by taking samples from all kind of weird places on our body like underarms and belly buttons.We will grow the bacteria and then sequence the genes, using a PCR machine, to find out what they are. In our lab, using advanced techniques, we will do experiments that will make bacteria stronger or weaker, help us track the spreading of diseases and make food and medicines for us. Bacteria are amazingly complex creatures that are far more complicated than any machine.  Let’s unlock its secrets!   

Developed by Jessica Maxfield

Jessica Maxfield, M.S. is a doctoral candidate at the University of Hawaii where she maps the sex change pathway in Gobiid Fish in order to elucidate the link between genes, phenotype and the environment. She previously conducted research at UC Berkeley and taught at San Francisco State University, where she earned her M.S. in Biology. (Jessica will be teaching the weeks of June 20, and June 27)

Into the WildIntoWild


Explore the fantastic natural spaces of San Francisco with a journey into the wild! As we step off the beaten path, we will find ways to get everything we need from the earth. Learn to identify how to get water, build shelter, make an effective and safe campfire,and craft cordage for making tools in the wild! We will study animals and their behavior in the field using binoculars, field guides, and a wildlife journal. Learn about the art of tracking, following animal signs, and bring home cool souvenirs as a helpful guide.We will work as a team reading maps to track our hiking routes as we plot a course for adventure.At the end of the week you will be your family and friends’ designated hiking guide, leading them through much of the wonders of San Francisco.

Campers will take public transportation to the different destinations.

Led by Alex Tranovich. Alex is an outdoor environmental educator on Catalina Island where he teaches and inspires youth about conservation. He previously led teen groups on trips to Europe and taught at Celsius. Alex earned his B.A. with honors in environmental studies from UC Santa Barbara.

Rocket Science - Aerodynamics

Get ready for some high-flying summer fun! We will discover what it takes to make rockets fly high, fast and hit their target. Newton’s laws and aerodynamic principles will be explored, applied, and tinkered with. We will build rockets out of many different materials and they will be propelled by air,water and the powerful black powder.On the last day of camp parents are invited in the afternoon to see how we reach new heights. Ready,set,blast off!

Led Paul Levinson. Paul is a student in Aerospace Engineering at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly). He is working toward building the first space elevator. Paul previously taught ballistic at Celsius and at Camp Tawonga.

Life After the Big Bang
Microbiology with Kristin Keck, Ph.D.

Over 13 billion years ago, the universe was created in a massive expansion that blew space up like a gigantic balloon. The first living creatures that were formed lived through thick and thin for billions of years, outliving the dinosaurs, and are still living withBioengineering us today.We will find and observe these microorganisms under the microscope and will challenge their superpowers.We will expose them to extreme conditions such as cold and heat.We will feed, starve and cut them up.We will even give them coffee! As we unlock their secret to long life and enjoy their remarkable beauty, we will compare popular and scientific ideas of extraterrestrial life.

Led by Kristin Keck, Ph.D.. Kristin is a cell and a molecular biologist.She has most recently been a Postdoctoral Fellow in virology and immunology at the Gladstone Institutes at UC San Francisco.She has been involved with mentoring and science outreach for over ten years.She taught science in high school and college. Kristin graduated with a B.S. in Biology from Duke University with concentration in cell and molecular biology and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Virginia.

Drivers Wanted
Mechanical Engineering Truck

Hidden under the hood of every vehicle is a complex and mysterious engine.Here is your opportunity to learn how an engine works by building one!We will be using over 2700 pieces of LEGO Technic to build an awesome, motorized Mercedes-Benz truck complete with a motor, an advanced pneumatic system and a crane. You and a partner will build a truck while learning about the different parts of a 6-cylinder engine, drivetrain and controls: pistons, steering rack, differential gears, clutch and gear box.  When you are done building this 29" long,11" high machine, you can enjoy the advanced performance of this slick truck!

Campers have the option to purchase their completed trucks for $120 (Retail: $229). First come, first served.

Rethinking Genetics

Who said you can’t change the world?  At this camp you can! You are the engineer of the future, finding creative ways to solve the Earth's problems by harnessing the natural word.We will engineer our own glowing bacteria to better understand how organisms can be genetically modified in a lab. We will use molecular tools to investigate various genes in genetically modified and organic fruits in an attempt to meet the challenge of feeding the ever growing world population. We will aim to solve one of the biggest problems facing civilization, the overuse of fossil fuels, by creating our very own system to grow algae for fuel. We will create bio plastic cups from everyday natural products and learn about other renewable materials that are good for our planet. With all of the knowledge we gain through these experiments, the week will end with us bioengineering our own invention so we can better our lives. 

Led by Alex Diaz. Alex is a medical student at UC San Francisco.He conducted research in biotech at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard, taught biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, earned a B.S. in Biology at MIT and has volunteered extensively.


Getting hurt is no fun but it’s loads of fun to repair the body with surgery. Come learn how injuries to the bones, organs and skin are repaired. Unfortunately, we will not practice on humans but rather on frogs and pig organs. You will be using real-life surgery techniques such as endoscopy, suturing, drilling and more. We will master suturing techniques, fracture plating, ACL reconstructions, anesthesia, CPR and even removal of cancerous growths. At the end of the week we will officially open our own Emergency Room and invite parents to watch their future surgeons in action!

Led by Adrienne Kennedy, M.S. Adrienne is a medical school student at UCSF. She earned a B.S. in Microbiology from UC San Diego, where she focused on bridging health disparities in the deaf community through public health research.She spent two years as a public school science teacher in the South Bronx as a Teach for America corps member. She completed her teaching credential and graduated from Fordham University with a Master’s degree in Education.

Top Chef - Dough

The possibilities for cooking with dough are endless: from cakes, to bread, to pasta!  Roll up your sleeves and learn techniques of how to flour into incredible varieties of dough.  Let your imagination soar as you shape dough in different ways and decorate your pastries.  You will take home with you some of your labor-of-love creations: Challah bread with hummus spread, fresh pasta with tomato sauce, pizza with vegetable toppings and more.  For fun, we will also bake cakes.  We will also go to the local Farmer's Market a couple of times to shop for fresh ingredients.

LEGO Engineering
Introduction / Grades 2-3 

Get a head start by exploring the foundations of building and programming.We will have “way too much fun” building amusement park throughout the week complete with merry-go-round, ferries wheel, roller coaster and more.We will learn through them basic concepts such as potential and kinetic energy, balance, center of gravity and ratchet mechanisms.We will work to improve our projects by observing their performance and experimenting with incremental changes.

LEGO Robotics Mindstorm EV3
Beginners / Grades 4-6

Build motorized zip lines, race cars, robotic animals and more using the LEGO Mindstorm® EV3 system.  We will learn how to write basic computer software programs using a child-friendly application that will control our robots wirelessly through its sound, touch and light sensors.  We will use our imagination and new skills to create several robots a day.

LEGO Robotics Mindstorm EV3
Advanced / Grades 4-9

Take your Lego Mindstorm® LEGO skills to a new level by challenging yourself to build sophisticated robots. You will learn advanced programming and elaborate robot designs. Small groups and personalized instruction will bring out the best in you and being with like-minded kids will get your creative juices going!

Pre-requisite: previous attendance of a Mindstorm Beginners camp OR the ability to program a robot to move forward, backwards and turn as well as loops and switches programming.

Led by Jae Seo. Jae has been teaching robotics and leading FIRST Lego League for the past 8 years. His teams have won many awards during this time, including first place at the State Championship. Jaemin attends UC Irvine where he is majoring in Economics.


Metalsmith - Found Objects

Experience the joy of creating unique jewelry! We will be making rings, earrings, bracelets and small sculptures with everyday objects mixed with copper, brass and sterling silver. You will learn to safely use torches, files, hammers, pliers and polishing machines. By applying your imagination to ordinary things, you will create beautiful objects to adorn yourself or decorate your room.We will go on a field trip to a park to forage for objects as we learn about new ways to Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle.You can bring from home your loved and no longer used board game pieces, LEGOs and small toys.Together we will give them a second life for you to enjoy in a brand new way!

Led by Emma Macchiarini Mankin-Morris. Emma is a third generation metalsmith. She draws her inspiration from the work of her father and grandfather, as well as her love for the natural world. Emma earned a B.A. at UC Santa Barbara and an M.F.A. at John F. Kennedy University.

Forces of Nature

Despite the complexity of the universe, it has order, simplicity and beauty.  We will learn about some of the many forces of nature that keep the universe’s many elements in harmony. We will create music with waves and build a seismometer with magnets. Harnessing what we learn about the different types of energy, we will build a roller coaster. Defying gravity, we will attempt to drop an egg from height without breaking it.  After building an electrical circuit, we will use it to power a toy car. On our last day of camp we will visit the Exploratorium to see other fun ways in which forces of nature can be seen and admired!

Led by Sagar Desai Sagar is a medical student at UC San Francisco. He taught high school physics in Chicago as a Teach for America corps member and tutored college and middle school students in science for three years. Sagar earned a B.S. in Biology from UCLA and an Alternative Secondary Science Certification from Dominican University in Chicago.

Field Science Adventures

Like Charles Darwin and Rachel Carson, we will take our own field laboratory each day to a different place in the city to discover the natural wonders of San Francisco! We will collect microorganisms, take pictures of them using our field microscopes, and use chemicals to find out what they are made of. We will investigate how light is used by plants, and with the help of sunlight we will extract chemical elements from the environment. Testing the city’s lakes and ocean water, we will determine how healthy they are for animals and people. We will learn about insects by building traps and capturing them. As citizen scientists we will track clouds and upload our data to NASA. You will learn how to sample, observe, identify, and understand the activities of a wide variety of organisms. No serious field work is complete without fun!  We'll build sand castles, construct a UV light detector, and construct kites to measure the wind.

Young Paramedic Boot Camp
Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) / Paramedics

Grades 2-3 only

It’s a wild world out there. People have heart attacks, bad allergic reactions, head injuries, broken bones and more.That is when we call 911 for an Ambulance and the Emergency Medical Technicians come to the rescue! Using real life equipment, you Logicwill learn the medical skills necessary to give sick people first aid, including giving oxygen, performing CPR, giving medication, helping with asthma attacks, stopping bleeding, setting broken bones, stabilizing the injured spine and more. We will learn about bones, the heart and other body parts by dissecting, breaking and repairing. For a complete high adrenaline experience we will use a fun ambulance driver stimulator.On the last day of camp parents are invited to watch their new family EMTs save a critically injured patient using their newly acquired skills.

Led by Abby Wang. Abby is a medical student at UC San Francisco. She earned a B.A. in Neuroscience from John Hopkins University and has been teaching elementary school students for over ten years.

Saving Nemo
Ichthyology and Ecology

Grades 2-3 only

Fish may be quiet creatures but some of them lead very busy and fascinating lives. We will dive into the world of sharks, salmon, Atlantic cod and anchovies through dissections and fun games. We will then make connections between what we eat, drink and do on land and its effect on the lives of fish and their ability to be part of our ever growing world. Using professional equipment, we will examine the health of San Francisco’s watersheds for pollutants. In appreciation of the sea we will make sushi, tuna salad and fried sardines.For a closer look, we will visit the Aquarium of the Bay, the California Academy of Sciences and the Presidio.

Led by Abby Wang. Abby is a medical student at UC San Francisco. She earned a B.A. in Neuroscience from John Hopkins University and has been teaching elementary school students for over ten years.


Balboa- Our year-round studio on 140 Balboa, San Francisco, CA 94118 / @ 3rd Ave.

Commonwealth- 51 Commonwealth Ave (building to right of St. Gregory's Armenian Church). Cross street is California. Located here.

14th Ave.- 301 14th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118 / @ Clement St. It is Congregation Beth Sholom.

All locations are 10 minutes driving distance from each other.

ALL CAMP HOURS 9:00am - 4:00pm

Date Class Grade in Sept 2016 Location
May 31-June 3 Field Science 2-4 Balboa /Wait list
Metalsmith 6-9 Balboa
June 6-10 LEGO Engineering 2-3 Wallenberg / 1 spot left
Top Chef 3-4 Balboa / 3 spots left
Microbiology 5-7 Wallenberg/ 3 spots left
Into the Wild 5-6 Wallenberg
Metalsmith 6-9 Balboa
June 13-17 Field Science 2-3 Wallenberg/1 spots left
Rockets 3-4 Wallenberg/2 spots left
Top Chef 4-5 Balboa
Robotics - Beginners 4-6 Wallenberg/ Wait list
Microbiology 6-9 Wallenberg /Wait list
Into the Wild 6-9 Wallenberg
June 20-24 Paramedics 2-3 Wallenberg /Wait list
Top Chef 4-5 Balboa / Wait list
Into the Wild 4-5 Wallenberg /1 spot left for a girl
Bioengineering 5-6 Wallenberg
Microbiology 5-7 Wallenberg
Field Science 6-9 Wallenberg
Rockets 6-9 Wallenberg/ Wait list
June 27- July 1 Paramedic 2-3 Wallenberg /3 spots left
LEGO Engineering 2-4 Wallenberg / 1 spot left
Physics 3-4 Wallenberg
Surgery 4-5 Wallenberg / Wait list
Rockets 4-5 Wallenberg
Field Science 4-5 Wallenberg
Biome 5-6 Wallenberg
Into the Wild 6-8 Wallenberg
Bioengineering 7-9 Wallenberg / 2 spots left
Metalsmith 6-9 Balboa
July 5-8 (4 day week) Nemo 2-3 Wallenberg
  Into the Wild 2-3 Wallenberg/ 3 spots left
  Rockets 3-4 Wallenberg/ 3 spots left
  Robotics Beginners 4-6 Wallenberg / Wait list
  Surgery 5-6 Wallenberg
  Physics 5-7 Wallenberg / 2 spots
  Biome 6-9 Wallenberg
July 11-15 Paramedic 2-3 Wallenberg/ 2 spots left
Biome 3-4 Wallenberg
Into the Wild 3-4 Wallenberg
Bioenginnering 4-5 Wallenberg /Wait list
Robotics - Advanced 4-9 Balboa
Rockets 5-6 Wallenberg / Wait list
Physics 6-8 Wallenberg/ Wait list
Surgery 6-9 Wallenberg/ 3 spots left
July 18-22 Nemo 2-3 14th Ave.
LEGO Engineering 2-3 14th Ave./ Wait List
Surgery 3-4 14th Ave./ Wait List
Physics 4-5 14th Ave.
Rockets 4-5 14th Ave./2 spots left
Into the Wild 6-9 14th Ave.
Biome 6-9 14th Ave./ 2 spots left
Metalsmith 6-10 Balboa /Wait list
July 25-29 Paramedics 2-3 Commonwealth/1 spot left
Into the Wild 2-3

14th Ave/ Wait List

Microbiology 5-6 14th Ave.
Field Science 4-5 14th Ave.
Biome 5-6 14th Ave.
Robotics Beginners 4-6 Balboa./2 spots left
Surgery 6-9 Commonwealth/1 spot left
Bioengineering 6-9 14th Ave./Wait list
August 1-5 Nemo 2-3 14th Ave.
Biome 3-4 14th Ave.
Surgery 4-5 Commonwealth/Wait List
Bioengineering 4-5 14th Ave./One spot left
Drivers Wanted 5-7 Commonwealth
Into the Wild 6-9 14th Ave.
Microbiology 6-9 14th Ave./Wait List
Metalsmith 6-10 Balboa
August 8-12 Paramedics 2-3 Commonwealth/1 spot
LEGO Engineering 2-3 14th Ave. / Waitlist
Into the Wild 4-5

14th Ave./ 1 spot

Drivers Wanted 5-7 Commonwealth/Wait list
Biome 6-9 14th Ave./Wait list
Metalsmith 6-10 Balboa /3 spots left
August 15-19 Paramedics *NEW Session Added* 2-3 14th Ave.
Biome 4-5 14th Ave.
Surgery 4-5 14th Ave.
Robotics Beginners 4-6 Balboa/1 spot left
Microbiology 6-9 14th Ave.
Bioengineering 6-9 14th Ave./Wait list
August 22-26 LEGO Engineering 2-3 Balboa
  Into the Wild 4-5 Commonwealth/3 spots left
  Microbiology 4-6 Commonwealth / Waitlist
  Biome 6-10 Commonwealth

    Fees and Policies:

    ● Camp Fees: $495 per week ($450 for Into the Wild camp)
    ● Week of July 4th and May 31: $400 per week ($350 for Into the Wild)

    An annual insurance/registration fee of $25 is required for each family account.

    Multiple Session Discount - Also applicable to siblings
    - Sign up for 2 sessions: receive a total of $40 off
    - Sign up for 3 sessions: receive a total of $75 off
    - Sign up for 4 sessions or more: $140 off or more (at $35 per session)
    Refer friends (siblings excluded) who have never attended a Celsius camp before and receive either a credit of $50 off a future camp or a refund of $30 per referral. Further details can be found on registration site.

    Camps on the week of August 22 will be offered on a daily basis at $100 per day beginning July 15th (if available).

    Please email if you wish to sign up for daily sessions that week.

    Materials fee: Surgery camp: $30. Microbiology camp: $20. Bioengineering $35. Biome $35.

    Extended Care:
    - Early morning extended care from 8am to 9am
    - Afternoon extended care from 4pm up to 6pm.
    - Advanced payments (prior to start of camp) for all Extended Care are $12 per hour ($50/$100 for all 5 days for one/two hours per day).
    - Ad Hoc during the week of camp are billed at $15 per hour.
    - Pick up after 6pm will be charged at a rate of $2.00 per minute (no grace)
    - Extended Care is billed in one hour increments after a 10 minute grace period.

    Any changes (other than cancellation) to previously confirmed sessions shall be assessed a $35 fee. Transferring sessions is subject to availability.

    ● Our 14th Ave. location is a Jewish synagogue. Being respectful of their tradition and values, parents are kindly requested NOT to include pork or shellfish in any lunch provided to their children.

    Cancellation Policy:

    - Before May 1st: Refund less $150 cancellation fee or a credit for the price paid, less $75 cancellation fee. Credit is good towards any Celsius and Beyond camp or class (excludes birthday parties) for one year after date of initial registration.
    - After May 1st No refunds for cancellations after May 1st:
    - More than one month prior to the start date of camper's session, a credit for 50% of the total price paid good for one year after date of initial registration.
    - more than 3 weeks notice = 30% credit of total price paid.
    - less than 3 weeks and greater than 5 days notice = 20% credit of total price paid.

    Please Note: There are no refunds or reduction in fees for days missed due to illness, absence, vacations, change in family circumstance during camp sessions, suspension or dismissal.

    In lieu of a refund, parents can choose to donate cancelled session fees to a child from the Raphael House Family Homeless Shelter.

    ● Payment Policy:

- We accept cash, check, e-check and credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/Discover). Reservations are not confirmed without payment received. Online registration and payment ensures immediate confirmation. Payments by check should be sent in within 3 days of making an online reservation or the spot will be released.